How to Get Motivated to Work Out

These pro tips will help you to get motivated to start working out, and stick with it!

Get a Personal Journal

Get yourself a brand new journal and pen and begin your journey with goal setting and list making! Find something that suits you, find some great options here:

Get REALLY Personal

It is hard to look at your flaws or realize that you are not doing right by your body, and you are not alone! This is the time to get real with yourself. We recommend taking a before photo and pasting this to the very back of your journal (a representation of this being the past you). You will also want to take your measurements and write these down beside your before (remember weight only holds so much value, muscle weighs more than fat so you will see more motivation in the inches you lose!).

Set Your Intentions, Set Your Goals

You are already two steps ahead in wanting to get fit and live a healthier and more active life, now how do you get motivated to start? The first step is in setting your own personal goals. Why do you want to workout? What is the main goal or reason for starting this journey? How do you anticipate that it will positively change your life? Now that you have your new journal, putting your intention to paper and having a reference will help you to begin and stick with it when the going gets tough! We suggest writing your goals out every day until your routine is solidified, it reminds you of your why!

Set Small Workout Goals

You don't have to go Arnold in the first phases of getting fit! It is better to set yourself smaller goals, that are short term achievable. It helps you to see your progress and ticking things off of your list helps you to stick with it! Write them down and just see how fast you achieve!!

A Kick-Ass Playlist

Music can really make or break your desire to get up and get to the gym. Creating a great playlist gets you pumped while you are in the moment! Music will transform a mundane workout into a spectacular success and keep you wanting to get up and go!

Get Accountable

Yep, workout buddy time! Having someone to help you stay accountable, and get you motivated when you just aren't feeling it is key! Try a friend or neighbor that you know will be on their game and look forward to gym bonding and if they are close walk to the gym to get some pre-workout cardio in!

It will take a few weeks to get a routine to become a habit, so be good to yourself and set achievable goals that will motivate and propel you forward! Within 6 weeks or less you will begin to feel more energy, motivation and drive than you have ever had, and you will notice your body and emotional being changing in every good way imaginable!! Good luck on this fantastic journey, your body, soul and mind will love you for it!


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